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Review of Trade Match Copy Trading Platform

With the development of technologies and the internet, trading on the financial markets is no longer a priority to men in suits working in skyscraper offices. In fact, nowadays, anyone can comfortably trade from the comfort of their home. 

And yet, the majority of the people who wish to explore the profit potential of the financial markets are often discouraged by the complexity of the trading process. It is true mastering trading is not for everyone. It requires many hours of study and experience, which is never guaranteed.

Additionally, most people see their participation in the financial market as an opportunity for extra income rather than a full-time occupation and don’t have the time or the inclination to learn to trade. Still, there are options for them too. 

Copy and social trading have become a preferred solution for millions of people in the past decade. The concept is simple - investors with limited or no experience join the financial markets by copying the trading strategies shared by advanced traders and sharing the potential profits. In the case of social trading, participants on both sides can interact.  

Copy trading continues to gain strong momentum as it provides simple and understandable access to the financial markets for everyone who wishes to explore lucrative earning opportunities.  

This review focuses on Trade Match, a new generation copy trading platform that aims to help both investors and traders to maximise their profit potential. 


Trade Match Review

Trade Match Overview 

Trade Match is designed to provide an effortless experience for investors and traders. It comes with an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. 

The platform uses powerful technology to ensure its smooth operation. Investors joining the platform can select a trading strategy most suitable to their investment goals and start copy trading in just a few steps. They can rely on various features to help them select the best trading strategy.  

Experienced traders who share their high performing trading strategies via Trade Match receive their own profile page and partner link to share on their social media. Also they can rely on ongoing technical support available by phone, email or live online chat.  

Trade Match Features  

Investors joining Trade Match start their experience by selecting a trading strategy that matches their requirements and investment appetite. As an investor, your journey starts at the Trade Match ranking lists, where top traders are ordered based on their performance results. 

To assist you in your decision-making process, the verification team at Trade Match has evaluated the traders’ performance based on five different criteria - risk level, asset under management, number of copies, drawdown level and best monthly performance. 

According to the performance of the trading strategies against these criteria, the traders move up and down the rankings. 

Additionally, you can compare traders by clicking on their names to monitor their full profiles. The additional information includes trading since inception, absolute gain, maximum drawdown, and average monthly performance.  

Another helpful feature is the risk management system that enables investors to effectively control how much of their capital will be exposed to risk on each specific trading strategy. The Trade Match risk management system is easy to maintain, which greatly benefits investors with limited experience. 

There are three parameters that can be modified before adding a trading strategy to the investor’s account or at any given moment when the investor decides to make a change. The three parameters of the risk management system are  

Take Profit - investors set a point where the trading on their account will stop enabling them to secure the gained profit

Stop Loss - investors select how much of their capital they wish to risk on a specific trading strategy

Multiplier Index - enables investors to choose what percentage of the selected trading strategy they wish to copy into their account.  

The risk management system and the ranking lists aim to assist investors in taking a balanced and informed decision on which trading strategy is most suitable to their investment needs.  

Trade Match - how to start copy trading 

Trade Match strives to provide an effortless experience for its users. Operating with the platform is easy due to the user-friendly interface. Starting with Trade Match as an investor requires only a few steps.  

Joining the platform is free. As an investor, you need to identify a trading strategy that best answers your investment appetite. When you make your choice, you need to complete the registration process. 

Enter your details in the provided forms, including your name, date of birth, and other personal information. This registration process is standard and required any time financial operations are involved.

Additionally, you need to verify your identity with your ID or passport. When the registration is complete, you can open your investment account. Select funding and withdrawal method, your preferred currency, make your initial deposit, and you can add into your account your selected trading strategy. Don’t forget to adjust the risk level setting before that.  

After you add your chosen trading strategy, the Trade Match system will automatically start placing orders on your behalf based on the moves of the trader you copy. You can monitor the performance of your account 24/7 in the preferred time and adjust risk level settings add or remove trading strategies.  

To support your experience, Trade Match provides customer support service via phone, email or live chat. 

We hope that you found this Trade Match review useful.